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About Michael Mack


Michael_MackMichael has helped thousands of consumers suffering from bad credit and excessive debt. The first thing you will notice about Mike is that he deeply cares about people. Mike grew up the oldest of seven, and was raised by parents who believed in the importance of honesty and hard work. Mike excelled in football and basketball in High School earning "All City" recognition. He enrolled in the honors program in college earning an undergraduate degree in business and history. Mike paid his way through school with scholarships and working as a laborer for a Wisconsin construction company.

After graduating from college, he earned a jurist doctorate degree in law earning honors for his performance on the National Mock Court Team as he argued appeals before Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices and Federal Court Judges. One of the experiences which impacted Mike was his work at the Attorney General's office as he observed one consumer scam after another which robbed good people of their hard earned money.

Mike has become a nationally known expert and speaker on the subject of credit and debt. In fall 2005, released the first of two books, "How to Instantly Eliminate Credit Card Debt". And in early 2007 his second book will be released, "How to Cure Bad Credit in 30 Days".

Mike is married to Anna, and is the father of three children - Katharine 14, Patrick 9, and Krystyna 2 years old. "I am blessed beyond my wildest expectations. I feel I have an obligation to help people achieve their dreams and share with them the knowledge I have obtained which can dramatically improve the quality of their lives."


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